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TENGANAN A pre-Hindu Bali Aga village just 6 Km from Tirtagangga. Famous for its culture, basket weaving and intricate woven cloth.

BESAKIH The Mother Temple. Is the greatest of all Balinese sanctuaries? The temple complex consists of 22 separate structures, built between the 14 and 17th centuries and is perched high on the slopes of Mount Agung. A scenic drive, which takes Approximately 1 hour.

KLUNGKUNG Once the centre of the most powerful Balinese Kingdom, Klungkung is famous for the finely detailed paintings portraying vivid scenes from heaven and hell on the walls and roof of the Court of Justice.

SIDEMEN & ISEH: In addition to being one of the most beautiful areas in Bali, these villages still produce Balinese traditional woven cloth and also "Kain Songket", the rich silk cloth with gold and silver threads

AMLAPURA: The regional capital of East Bali. A cool, clean town with a busy market and rice terraces The Royal Palace, Puri Agung, is open to visitors.

TIRTAGANGGA: One of three Water Palaces built by the last Raja. Cool springs feed bathing pools and ornamental lily ponds.

UJUNG: Another Water Palace built in a totally different style and recently renovated with donations from the World Bank and is now open to the public.

AMED: A fishing and salt making village offering great diving and snorkelling off the pebbly beach.

PURA LEMPUYANG: One of the six most important temples in Bali.

TULAMBEN: Scuba Diving (wreck dive) and great snorkelling.

GOA LAWAH: The bat cave temple is home to thousands of bats.

PADANG BAI: Ferries leave from here to Lombok. Nice small beaches either side feature good snorkeling and there are good dive spots around here.

NUSA PENIDA & NUSA LEMBONGAN: Offshore islands (Manta Point) great for a day's exploration by boat.

PASIR PUTIH: Get the feel of Robinson Crusoe on this beautiful deserted palm-fringed white sand beach accessible by car or by boat.


DIVING: East Bali has five of the best and safest dive sites, which are frequently overlooked. There are not so many places in the world that can list large pelagics like Manta Ray and the strange Ocean Sunfish (Mola Mola) as regular visitors. Feel completely dwarfed by the titan of all wrecks the USAT Liberty at Tulamben. All five sites are serviced by numerous good quality Dive Companies with qualified Dive Masters and Instructors.

SNORKELLING: Many people simply swim offshore from the beach or hire a local "jukung" to take them to nearby Goat Island. Good snorkelling spots abound up and down the coastline.

FISHING AND BOAT CHARTER: Day trips on a fishing boat are available at reasonable prices. All equipment is supplied and Lunch is included in the price. Boats are available for hire by the day or half day to visit many nearby places of interest. Also available is a glass bottom boat for coral viewing.

TREKKING: See unspoiled villages, waterfalls and forestlands with or without a guide.

WHITE WATER RAFTING: Experience the thrills of rafting over rapids and waterfalls. Pick-up from hotel.

MOUNTAIN BIKING & CYCLING: Enjoy the beautiful scenery with a bike ride. A perfect way to burn those calories.

4WD EXCURSION: Discover traditional Bali off the tourist route in 4WD Land Rovers.

ODYSEY SUBMARINE: Explore the hidden depths of the crystal clear ocean by submarine, followed by BBQ lunch on the beach at Labuhan Amuk.

COOKING SCHOOL: If you enjoy Indonesian cuisine and would like to learn a few local recipes, then do not miss out on our cooking classes. We will take you to Klungkung market to buy some of the ingredients and then you will proceed into making tasty dishes that you can savour after your lesson.

YOGA CLASSES: Experience total relaxation, inhale the wonders of Tirtagangga; invite your body’s rhythmic motion onto her footpaths and watery spaces. Unite your senses, heart and mind in her luscious embrace.

CULTURE & RELIGION: The culture of Bali is unique. It is not an exaggeration that when a Balinese is asked what is heaven is like, they would say “just like Bali”. Everyday you can see this beauty in their Ceremonies, Dramas, Dance and Music, Paintings and amazing Works of Art